Candy cane

avec Natalie Dupuis

A sweet peppermint candy cane cutwork study using metal threads in silver and red.

This highly padded design uses contrasting textures and colours to create a captivating combination of warm wool felt and a variety of shiny metal threads. Embroiderers are given the challenge of stitching metal purls around a tight 180° turn after practicing on a 45° angle.  The design is given a finished look with an outline of silver-plated pearl purl and then finished off with a silk ribbon bow.  A perfect workshop to make a holiday decoration in the technique of goldwork.

Cette pièce en relief est faite de textures et de couleurs contrastées afin de créer un joli mélange de matières,  l’opacité du feutre et la brillance de fils métallisés. Le travail consiste à poser de la canetille en courbe avec des angles de divers degrés afin de remplir le dessin. Le contour est fait de jaseron argent avec un joli ruban comme détail final. Une belle façon de réaliser une broderie avec la technique du goldwork dans l’esprit de Noël.

Atelier en anglais

16 novembre  10h – 16h

150$ (matériaux inclus)


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Candy Cane Kit Cover

Dimensions: 8 cm x 3 cm

This kit includes the following materials:

  • Full-colour comprehensive instruction booklet

  • Green 100% wool felt with design transferred

  • Iron-on interfacing

  • White wool felt blend for padding

  • Soft cotton string for padding

  • Beeswax

  • White Gutermann sewing thread

  • Silver-plated pearl purl

  • Silver-plated bright check purl No. 8

  • Silver-plated smooth purl No. 6

  • Vivid red rough purl

  • Silk ribbon

  • Red translucent thread

  • 4 inch (10 cm) wooden hoop for display purposes only

  • Candy cane needlecase

    • Needle: crewel size 10 (small)

    • Needle: crewel size 12 (tiny)

    • Needle: chenille size 18 (largest)



Natalie Dupuis holds a Master Degree in Education and has been a classroom teacher for international schools around the world. Following her passions, she has taught traditional hand embroidery in England, Canada, and the United States. Her work features in Inspirations magazine, Needlearts Magazine and in Embroidery Canada.  She has written a short booklet on the history of couching stitches with the support of a research fellowship grant from the EGA. Natalie is an apprentice needlework judge with the EGA. She had trained part-time at the Royal School of Needlework and the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design.

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