Kit Broderie d'Espagne ©Tamara Rubilar 2020

The new embroidery kits

Studio textile Montréal is lauching  new embroidery kits

These last months forced many artist to reivent their activities with new ideas, new projects. Studio textile Montréal is proud to announce the launch of embroidery kits that will be available on his website. The kits offers various levels from beginner to advanced, with many different techniques ( goldwork, beading) and small accessories (broach, flowers).

The new online boutique will be ready at the end of the summer. However, for the lauching we propose a special pre-sale!

Here are the available kits:

Spanish goldwork

Kit Broderie d'Espagne

This technique is directly inspired by Spanish bullfighters costumes. It includes traditional stitches that contribute to the richness of floral-looking patterns. Materials used are generally gold-colored (cord, bullion, sequins).

These designs will help you create ornamental embroideries to embellish clothes, accessories or simply to create something nice to hang on a wall.

Embroidery dimension: 5cm diameter

Colors: gold on red fabric

Estimated time of work: 5 hours

Included: all the supplies and instruction booklet

Not included: embroidery hoop and scissors

Pre-sale price 45$ shipping included

Initial price: 50$


The Dahlia brooch


This kit contains all the steps to create a beautiful brooch inspired by a dahlia.

You will learn the techniques to sew beads and sequins in a circle to mimic the shape of a flower and add the finishing touches. You will be able to wear the flower as a brooch or as an accessory for clothes or a bag.

Brooch dimension: 5cm diameter

Color: black

Estimated time of work: 3 hours

Included: all the supplies and instruction booklet

Pre-sale price 40$ shipping included

Initial price: 45$


To order, please fill out the form below.

You will receive a confirmation of your order and payment instructions (Interac only).

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